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New Post 6/30/2014 3:59 AM
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Wireframe, Storyboard & Prototype. 

Hi All,

Please help me out in explaining the basic function of Wireframe, Storyboard & Prototype and the key difference among them.

Thanks in Advance.


New Post 7/27/2014 7:51 PM
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Re: Wireframe, Storyboard & Prototype. 

This is a wireframe.

It's typically a low fidelity depiction of the layout of information, buttons, and features on a screen.

Storyboards, as the name implies tell a story meaning that they show multiple images, or mockups, or wireframes to convey behavior rather than just the static information of a single wireframe.  The transitions between images are defined in order to further define the behavior.

A prototype can vary in complexity but its a working or at least partially working product or application to convey greater amounts of information.  Some people will refer to some prototypes as a "smoke and mirrors" prototype.  This means that the prototype gives the appearance of working features and behavior but it likely using fake, static data and much of the functionality is incomplete.  Other prototypes may be near fully functioning but are still considered a prototype because it's intended to be a throw away product or application.  This is common for rapidly built application prototypes since they are often developed without a lot of forethought given to architectural design decisions and constraints.  The prototype can be built very rapidly and features added as requirements are reveal.  It is useful for gaining consensus and acceptance, then a more complete, efficient, and well designed application can be built to replace it.

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New Post 3/12/2015 12:27 AM
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Re: Wireframe, Storyboard & Prototype. 
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A wireframe is a blueprint of any website. It is a skeletal outline of the components of a website which lets us have a clear knowledge about the relationships between the various different components of the website. Any website development company starts their design project by creating a wireframe of the website they are building. Wireframes are essential mainly to ensure smooth workflow and clarity of vision during the web development process. Different teams use the wireframes for different purposes. For eg., wireframes are used by writers to determine the space available on a website and to know how much content they should write for that particular page. Developers use the wireframes to ensure that they are designing the website aptly while testers use the wireframes to verify the designs, brandings etc. Wireframes thus form an essential part of website development.

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