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Systems Analysis - Where to Start 

I am doing a contract job and my real forte is in Business Analysis and being a laison, writing business and functional requirements, testing and PM stuff. My least favorite thing is data but I ended up as a Systems Analyst on this project. I know I am responsible for functional specifications, but my recollection is that functional specs are dependent upon business requirements being done and having very good understandings of the processes at hand.

This project is taking the current compensation system and replacing it with a new compensation system. All the while, we are also trying to make uniform Agent Codes (i.e. unique, same schema) across the board. This company has over the years acquired numerous other companies but never really integrated them, just patched them in. So they all have their own agent code structure/limitations, etc. (Some of the systems currently allow only 5 digit numeric, while others allow only alphanumeric and utilize 7 digits, etc). It's a mess...

Overall there are 13 policy admin systems to incorporate while at the same time moving over agent and agent hierarchies for compensation, schedules, etc. (This is the highly slimmed down version). Anyway, Of the data stores, systems, etc there are 70+ systems in all that all use Agent Code today and will need to be able to account for new schema as well as continue to function historically and function with the new and old compensation system as they are moving things in pieces (another problem all of it's own). I am currently trying to look into extracts to find where the agent code is passed, have done some hi level analysis on tables, but really haven't  a clue on how to bring any meaning to the project with my role yet. Requirements gathering has not yet started and will be done by a different person acting as a BA (I will attend). For now, what can i produce that's of value for the company when there isn't a solid direction on anything? Any ideas? I feel like I'm spinning here...Thanks!!

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  Modern Analyst Forums  Business and Sy...  General  Systems Analysis - Where to Start

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