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Web application troubleshooting 

Hello. I am a business analyst, and my client is a small business owner, so he has launched a website to scale up his business. But sometimes, the site can't handle the web traffic and goes down. How can he fix that?

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Re: Web application troubleshooting 


Spike in web-traffic can lead to business disruption if not managed well. Stated below are a few ways that you could suggest to your client.

  1. Caching –

When it comes to website performance, caching is important. It improves website performance by storing pre-build page content for a finite period of time so that repeated request for a page on the site is available instantly rather than getting build each time it is hit by the user.

  1. Content rendering –

Huge image files tend to slow down the rendering of the page. It would be worthwhile looking at the images used and try to optimize them in order to speed up page rendering.

  1. Use a load balancer –

A load balancer distributes traffic hitting a website across multiple servers. It basically prevents a server from overloading and results in improving websites availability and responsiveness.

  1. Hosting Storage –

Look at your client’s website hosting plan and if not already employed, recommend to go for SSD storage. SSDs have higher speeds and are capable of serving high website hits.

  1. Upgrade Server –

Your may recommend your client to go for a dedicated server to host the website or consider a cloud hosting service.

There are other options available like using a content distribution network, deploying performance monitoring services, performing load testing, etc. Spike in web-traffic will happen as the business gains traction, always ensure that disaster recovery mechanism is in place alongside mitigation.

Kind Regards,


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  Modern Analyst Forums  Business and Sy...  General  Web application troubleshooting

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