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New Post 6/10/2013 2:33 AM
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Tools to Gather Requirements ? 

I was asked by someone do you use any tools to gather requirements or prepare functional Specification Document, and I was like Tools ? isn't it a task that needs human brain and intervention?  How ill tool do it ? That makes me ask this question are there any tools around to gather requirements and prepare functional specification documents.

When I say tools I mean tools as in tool like you have visio for Use case diagrams the same way is there tool for this. I dont mean just an automated process but a software like a tool to do it !

New Post 6/12/2013 2:34 AM
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Re: Tools to Gather Requirements ? 

You didn't say whether you were asked this in a job interview, but if that is the case you should not be afraid to say that you use Word, Visio and your own analysis abilities. There is nothiing wrong with admitting to being a talented analyst and this may be the answer they are looking for. Also, if this is your background you have to wonder whether you would really fit into an organisation that does everything differently, unless that is specifically what you are changing jobs to seek.

I have been asked this on several occasions and I always follow up by asking the interviewer which tools they use. They have always either sidestepped the question or admitted that they also use Word, Visio etc.

New Post 6/14/2013 12:37 PM
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Re: Tools to Gather Requirements ? 

Hi Kvira,

No, there aren't any tools that automate the actual 'requirements gathering' process - as you say, that still needs a real person to do the actual elicitation of requirements. There are quite a few tools for recording requirements once you've elicited them, and to manage requirements throughout the project lifecycle. The type of output documentation varies depending on the tool - can be anything from functional specifications or use cases in a document format, to requirements trees / matrices, to graphical and prototyping approaches for requirements definition. Other tools (such as Enterprise Architect) support a process-driven approach and can produce a wide variety of diagrams and artifacts to support requirements management.

People tend to refer to these types of tools by many different terms - requirements definition tools, requirements management tools, process modeling toosl, and even as generic as 'business analysis tools'. And as you've discovered, can even be referred to as requirements gathering tools. But BAs definitely still have to do all the elicitation and gathering - no such thing as a BAbot yet :)


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