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New Post 7/11/2012 4:09 PM
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Re: data migration, BRS 

 losky wrote

 this website is amazing

I was told to draft a business requirement spec for the data migration part of my project,

I am struggling with this. I am thinking a BRS is not appropriate, please prove me wrong

In my opinion, data migration project is data driven, I can only foresee one functional requirement in the project ie the target system shall update data from the source system.

can there be any other functional requirements?

under what category of non functional requirements can data load frequency be documented?

what should the structure of the BRS  should b like?

should data requirements in d BRS be at column  or entity level?

Your responses will be highly appreciated


I agree with what the other posters wrote, why does the business even care that there is a data migration. What are they trying to accomplish. However, given that there is a data migration focus on a mapping table that includes


1) the meaning of each individual data element (short description)

2) name of the element

3) the format of the element

4) the business rules associated with the data element (validation, calculation etc)

5) calculated or derived fields

6) a mapping to the new data model

7) stakeholders that own the data



If the data is more than a single object, it might be helpful to diagram the data structure using a Business Data Diagram

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  Modern Analyst Forums  Business and Sy...  Requirements  data migration, BRS

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