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New Post 10/16/2011 9:58 AM
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Guidance on BA activities 


I am facing following situation, and would like to get some idea or guidance.
Currently we have a legacy based application, which takes care of certain on-going functions. However, Stakeholders wants to add new functionality. They are also of the opinion that replacing system with new one could help a lot, as changes in old one takes time.
Though i am BA, they are looking for some guidance from me.
I have dealt with normal BA activities like requirements gathering, documentation etc. I never faced situation like this.
Can someone through idea on how to start?
What type of studies can be performed? Steps?
Any idea will help me to consolidate my thoughts.
New Post 10/16/2011 1:09 PM
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Re: Guidance on BA activities 

 Hate to brake it to ya, but this is a "normal" BA activity.  Before you get too deep into the rabbit hole of a large change project, s

Do a quick SWOT analysis.  This may uncover some other issues also.  You might also do a Perato analysis.  That will help you to define the vital v

Few vs the useful many.  You can look both of thse up on google they are very easy and effective.  Let us know what you decide and we will help you from there.



New Post 10/18/2011 9:02 AM
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Re: Guidance on BA activities 


Consolidate your thoughts - man, are you right on!!

Consolidate your thoughts by zeroing in on the most essential BA tasks.   The primary purpose of a BA is to come up with a comprehensive, integrated understanding of essential processes/functions/tasks - and especially - their interrelationships.  (While there are also essetential data and data relationships, process/function drives data, so that analysis is where you want to most concentrate.)

Essential = BUSINESS critial.  Essential interrelationships for process/function analysis are data flows.  Learn the essentials of data flow diagrams (not just the mechanics of creating a DFD) and then you will be able to properly position DFD's, Use Cases, User Storys, BPMN, Activity Diagrams, etc., etc., relative to each other.   Don't learn DFD essentials  and all you will ever have is an unconsolidated mish mosh of techniques. 

DFD essentials:  Logical, natural decomposition vs forced, artifical decomposition, need for a litmus test of completedness, non-sequential nature of systems (especially at higher levels of abstraction), Agile approach to big picture modeling.




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