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Help to write requirements 

Got this case study, given a RFP and i need to write requirements for this..can anyone help me here?i mean how to start..


XXX is seeking a qualified vendor to design and develop a website promoting the entrepreneurial opportunity and support resources in the communities that have completed our XXX program.


The Design Challenge

* Inspire, empower, and support entrepreneurs within the Certified Entrepreneurial Communities.

*Communicate each community’s unique personality, resources, and opportunities for entrepreneurship

*Celebrate community entrepreneur success stories

*Highlight regional quality of life available to entrepreneurs while maintaining excellent connectivity and proximity to regional and global markets; (think culture, authenticity, creative class, knowledge economy, sustainability)

*Entrepreneurs are often visionary and big-idea oriented. The site needs to reflect this but also convey success requires hard work and strong fundamental business acumen

*Successful entrepreneurs are able to make their products sticky – this site should be sticky

*It needs to be locally accessible at the same time as being globally sophisticated

*This site should be so successful in supporting and promoting entrepreneurship that it becomes recognized as a model

*Include a youth component that supports XXX promoting entrepreneurial thinking and innovation with youth in their communities (ages: high-school and college)


Additional Details

*The site will initially covers 14 ABC communities across WNC and will need the capability to be extended to cover entire 23-county XXX region

*Site will include an overview of the XXX program and information on how new communities can get certified

*Site must be powered by a content management system that is easy to use and enables XXX staff to maintain content

*Vendor is expected to provide copy writing for site content; XXX will provide the information necessary to generate the site copy

*Site must include site tracking software like Google Analytics


Primary Audience

* Entrepreneurs (internal to WNC and external) that are starting a business or seeking to grow an existing small business

* XXX community stakeholders


Secondary Audiences

*People looking for a good place to start a business

*Policy Makers

*Entrepreneur Support Organizations

*Large Industry

*Investment Communities


Desired Actions

*Visitor learns about entrepreneur support resources (to be measured via visitor click through patterns)

*Contact a community’s designated contact person





Possible Features (we want to hear your ideas as well!)

*Community pages: each community being able to communicate its personality and the type of entrepreneur opportunities want to promote; their local resources; contact information; link to their own websites if applicable

*Entrepreneur spotlights: rotating between all spotlights the top level; limited to specific communities at the community level; each spotlight to be linked to an entrepreneur

*Expandable entrepreneur resource guide that details the various support organizations and programs available to entrepreneurs in XXX communities

*Integration with major regional entrepreneurial event calendars (Blue Ridge Entrepreneurial Council, Mountain BizWorks, etc)


 Thanks a lot in advance

New Post 2/23/2010 5:09 AM
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Re: Help to write requirements 

These look like Requirements already, although not very specific.

What do you think you have to write? Statements of "The System must have the ability to..."?

You said this ia a case study, so no real business people to ask questions of ? Because for most of these statements, I would first ask "What would that look like?" or "How will you know the site has done this?"

David Wright
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