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New Post 5/2/2009 4:27 PM
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how to establish a BA function  


Can anyone help with the steps needed to establish a BA function in a top tier blue chip company. Is it different from the steps needed in a mid/small size company.



New Post 5/10/2009 12:36 AM
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Re: how to establish a BA function  

Hi Praveen,

What do you mean by establishing a BA function?  Do you mean the process of creating the Business Analyst role within that company?  I would have to guess that in any blue chip company the BA functiona already exists.  It might not be formalized with a specific job title but there surely would already be practitioners doing business analysis.

- Adrian

Adrian Marchis
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New Post 6/12/2009 3:46 AM
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Re: how to establish a BA function  


I believe Praveen Is asking for how he can effectively perform the BA role.
See Praveen- You need to have Clear understanding of the Functional as well as nonfunctional requirements of the project.
You should be aware of the all the impacted systems, There communication channel, Server locations, etc.
What would really help except knowing all this are your management skills, A BA is expected to perform almost all the PM responsibilities as well.
Praveen if you are good in UML, That would really help, Since I firmly believe you tend to visualize the entire system during designing and there you have to resolve as much questions as possible. That would help in the entire project life cycle.
Always be ready for questions What?, Where?, How?.
If I have missed something other, do let me know.
New Post 9/3/2009 3:36 AM
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Re: how to establish a BA function  

In terms of an Analyst the key skills would be :



Analysis methods and techniques

Problem Solving

Information gathering methods and techniques

Recent experience of the Business domain you are working in would help and Use Cases really are an excellent way to define requirements / functions to a very detailed level. Sometimes the Job titles differ , Business Analyst, Business Systems Analyst, Requirements Analyst etc. but the main focus for an Analyst is as you say is to develop a 'Clear understanding of the Functional as well as non-functional requirements of the project.' This should be the BA's focus throughout the project.



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