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New Post 3/23/2015 1:23 AM
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Differences between SRS, CIS & CR 

Hello guys,

According to my knowledge business analyst generate an SRS document when he is working in a green field.

He generates impact analysis document when he is working in a change on an existing system.

What other differences are there that leads BA to choose one of those deliverables.

And are there differences between impact analysis document and change request document? If yes please share the differences.


New Post 3/25/2015 6:12 AM
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Re: Differences between SRS, CIS & CR 
Modified By NitWitNick  on 3/25/2015 8:48:01 AM)
"According to my knowledge business analyst generate an SRS document when he is working in a green field."

An SRS or System Requirements Specification usually contains the vendor’s understanding of a customer’s software requirements and is used to layout functional and non-functional requirements to develop something ... and it is usually developed by a Analyst with some technical background.

But there are Lots of other Documents when doing a project ... but lets take your two ... Impact Analysis" and "Change Request".

A Simple Example ... maybe ...

You have a system with an old 5 Digit Zip Code Field and there is a "Change Request" submitted to update the Zip Code to a Zip + 4.

The "Change Request" is Simple ... "We need the system updated to handle the Zip+ 4 Zip Code to save money at the Post Office when doing mass mailings".

Hey, That's easy you say ... the DBA will change the Database from 5 digits to a 9 digit field, or 2 fields (5 digits and 4 digits) ... and we can all be done by lunch time.

But there is more to it than that ... when the Database is changed to the new Zip+ 4 field(s) ... what will happen ?

Now you do your "Impact Analysis" and see what is affected by that simple Database Change ... and it can take you a while to identify everything that will be touched by that Zip Code change ... you will have to talk to the DBA for database changes, Programmers for the system changes, users for report and screen display changes ... and all the stakeholders for the approval to go ahead with the project.

For Example:

Database - Have any keys been affected, logicals, foreign keys, stored procedures, etc.

Programs - What programs have to be changed to work with the new format ? And do any programs have to be recompiled to work with the changed table ? How about Reports that have to be changed to show the Zip+ 4 Zip Code on it and Billing programs / Statements and forms .... and System Screens ?

You might be asked to give a Cost / Time Estimate too ... so, when talking to everyone, get an estimate of how long things will take.


Even with simple changes, we have missed programs, stored procedures and other stuff that when tested, caused an error ... we fixed them during the testing ... but even then there were some obscure programs that were used only under certain rare conditions and those errors didn't show up for weeks later.


Have Fun ...
New Post 3/26/2015 2:15 AM
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Re: Differences between SRS, CIS & CR 

Hi Maii,

Before even thinking about an SRS, you should ask the business what they want and do a BRS. Never do solution first. Therein lies the path to failure.


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