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New Post 3/31/2010 7:50 AM
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Compare CRM vs new development 



For a new requirement, my boss is convinced that we can use MS CRM. I'm not so convinced, and think that a custom development can better suit the needs. What document templates exists that I can professionaly score both options to my managemnet?



New Post 4/6/2010 9:16 AM
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Re: Compare CRM vs new development 

 I'm not 100% sure what you are asking. But if you are looking for standard questions to evaluate CRM solutions I think there are many options out there. For a few hundred you can buy a gartner report which will go over the high level features. What we have found though is that the way people access the features is critically important so when we do large scale off the shelf (including software as a service) we generate high level use cases and workflows to understand what the sales team is currently doing today. You can then use those use cases to drive vendor presentations and feature lists. However you have to keep in mind, what people are doing today isnt necessarily the right thing.

More important is to truly understand what management is trying to gain (business objectives) from a CRM system. Are they trying to support the existing process? Are they trying to force everyone away from ad hoc processes into a standard process etc. What kinds of specific value to the organization will the CRM bring.

If you can focus on these types of questions you will get closer to the right solution than if you just use a feature list.


Here is an old blog post we have on vendor selection

New Post 1/4/2023 12:09 AM
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Re: Compare CRM vs new development 

Are you considering a move to a new development project?  CRM is an industry-leading system that can automate customer interactions. On the other hand, new development projects are typically more hands-on and require more creativity. However, both options have their pros and cons. Here's a look at the key differences:

Pros of CRM: 
1) CRM can help improve customer service by automating interactions with customers. 
2) It can also automate complex customer data entry tasks. 
3) As such, it can save time and energy for your team. 
4) Also, CRM systems are often integrated with other IT systems, making them easy to use even if you're unfamiliar with programming languages.

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  Modern Analyst Forums  Business and Sy...  Requirements  Compare CRM vs new development

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