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New Post 4/5/2013 10:50 AM
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45 year (no IT experience) looking to join IT field as BA. Is this a good move? 

Greetings Folks

I live in Austin, Texas. I am 45 years old engineer with a MBA (came here as foreign student and now US citizen). I have been working in commercial construction since 1996..

I have been feeling like "burnt down" after working out of job site trailers/office for smaller private contractors where there are no stock options, prestige and benefits of working with larger companies and running after construction projects all over. And being the loner "there are hardly any foreigners" in this field (in actual work field).

Since Austin is growing in IT industry and I have been thinking to explore this field.

After talking to 4 people,  I have been suggested to look into becoming a BA.

I am very hard worker with good running meeting presentation skills. My job was to talk to lots of contractors, architects, owners, state officials, figure out schedule, costs/estimates of construction projects (up to $30 million), and invite bids etc.  

I need some advice that should I try to make a switch in the IT industry, given my following current status

#1. I am 45 years old.

#2. I have already quit my job to look for something else.

#3 I am ready to take a pay cut if I can get into  IT. I was making $70K (after all these years as no private contractor values MBA (3.55 GPA) and they can hire project managers like me who have 4 year construction management degree instead of engineering).

#4 I can support my family as my spouse is working.

#5 I am willing to get training or BA classes at a community college or Univ. of Texas.

I am a very good learner. I worked in computer science department as graduate assistant during my MBA  But I was advised by a lawyer to go back in construction if I need Green Card.  So I worked extremely hard to learn US construction techniques on my own, buying and reading books and looking for construction company who will hire me (as I didn't have any construction experience in the US, I even pushed broom at job-sites) and sponsor me (though paid 95% of lawyer / immigration costs myself)

Thanks for taking the time to read my post and giving recommendations.


New Post 7/3/2014 6:20 AM
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Re: 45 year (no IT experience) looking to join IT field as BA. Is this a good move? 

 I am Rogers from Cameroon working in Dubai as a Software analyst / Architect. Regarding your idea of fitting yourself into IT is a brilliant idea. Every company now our days looking forth to automate it result by implementing  some IT strategy. What I do basically is to helps company understand the importance/ gap between Technology efficiency with that of Business innovation.

Our company is  planning  to employ people with the quality you mention above to work on project in Dubai. We are having a great number of projects and  looking forward to bring in Project managers, Architects , Business Analyst as well. If your interested let me know.

contact me on [email protected]


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  Modern Analyst Forums  Careers  Getting Started  45 year (no IT experience) looking to join IT field as BA. Is this a good move?

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