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New Post 11/23/2011 8:06 AM
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Advice on how to start a career as a Business Analyst 

 Hello All, I am a Reporting Analyst for a managed services company and I want to start a career as a Business Analyst. Could someone recommend on the best way to start.



New Post 11/23/2011 2:30 PM
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Re: Advice on how to start a career as a Business Analyst 

 Hey Janet -- lots of great stuff on this site in particular... definitely a great place to keep bookmarked!  


Some other thoughts:

* Start picking up the lingo.  If you see a term / concept, spend some time researching it from several sources.  Internet research is quick and will get you lots of angles -- don't limit yourself to just one site/source.

* Are you looking to go into (IT) systems analysis?  Look into different types of development methodologies: Waterfall methodologies versus Iterative methodologies (e.g. Unified Process, Agile, Scrum, etc.)

* Are you looking to focus on the process side?  Look into formalized ways of process modeling, e.g. BPMN

* I love books... is my friend.  If your budget allows for it, grab some books on these topics.  I find that used books are a great bargain -- I may not get through every single page of every book I get, but I have a reference for future use if I want to do a deep dive at a later time.

* Check out an industry association like IIBA: the International Institute of Business Analysis.  If there's a local chapter organized near you (geographically), look to go there in-person.  Ask for a such guidance there, and you may potentially find a mentor in the field.

From a career perspective, I'd manage expectations by saying you're likely to do a lot of documentation in early BA roles (your mileage may vary based on the type of BA role you're targeting).  Get to know and love the concept of requirements: stakeholder requirements, product requirements.  Many different terms/categories, but likely all will come up.  Keep an eye open for how requirements are defined, and also how to (effectively) document and share them.

Hoping some others can chime in!

-- Adam

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  Modern Analyst Forums  Careers  Getting Started  Advice on how to start a career as a Business Analyst

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