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how can i find a job??? 

hello everyone

i am very desperate recently, because i have been looking for a job for two months, but still no response. i graduated from Macquarie university majoring actuarial practice recently, before that  i have achieved a bachelor degree with statistics with average dinction. but i have not any working experience. i am struggling to get a job. i have tried a lot of graduage programs but for some reasons they rejected me. i really have no idea what kind of job i can do. i have applied data analyst, but they need SAS experience. i also tried business analyst, these agents ask me for experience.  now i am planning to give up what i have studies and wipe off all these qualification from my resume and try some data entry role. i feel so bad right now because all my qualifications are rubbish. i am wondering if all these companies want experienced workers, how about these poor graduates? graduation means staying at home.  anyone can help me and give me some advice what kind of i should look for and how can i start my careeer? thanks in advance.

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Re: how can i find a job??? 
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I strongly feel that an analytical person like you should not get into data entry field.


I teach students business analysis and project management and have placed a no of freshers into BA role. I'm interested to know what steps you took to get into BA field. I think I will be able to help you.


To enter into any new field like business analysis , you need to learn the skills and start speaking the IT language/terminology. Secondly, you must be prepared for the interviews and thrirdly, your resume must show that you have those BA skills. These are some simple steps that you must take.


Contact me if you are interested for the training :

[email protected]

send me your phone no for an initial consultation....




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  Modern Analyst Forums  Careers  Getting Started  how can i find a job???

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