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From IT Support to Business Analyst 


My goal is to move into the field of Business Analysis.  I have a deisre to work with both the business and IT to solve business problems. 

I currently work for the service desk of a large organization.  In my role I always try to work on projects.  I have worked on two main projects which include creating and distributing an IT User Guide to the entire organization.  Second I have redevloped the process for users in the organization to create employee, software and hardware requests.  This including creating forms and posting them on the company's intranet.  In my previous job I provided application support, which included training clients and working on several projects such as creating webinars and implementing CRM.

Furthermore, I have diploma in computer engineering technology.  I did well in my programming courses, but I haven't used those skills in a few years.  I am currently working towards a bachelor of commerce degree in Financial Services (Part Time).  In the next year some of the courses I will have completed include System Analysis, Fiancial Accounting, Management Information Systems, and Project Management.  Furthermore, I have become a member of the IIBA and am currently brushing up my programming skills.

Although I still have a long way to go in my degree, I would like to transition to Business Analysis at the end of the year.  Do you believe I am going towards to the right direction?  Also do you have any other tips you can provide that can help me along.

Thank you for your help!

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Re: From IT Support to Business Analyst 

It looks like you are heading in the right direction.  It appears as though you have plenty of experience in understanding the users in the projects you have worked on.  I would suggest you initially focus on chapters 3, 4 and 6  in the BABOK offered by the IIBA.  Specifically, review the techniques in each chapter and look towards the bibliography for further study.  Getting requirements right is tough, and recent research has shown that companies are still not doing enough to get requirements right in their projects.  I think the requirements problem can be solved with better understanding and training. 

Brad Botz

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