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New Post 11/13/2007 10:19 PM
User is offline Craig Brown
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You got the job, now what? 

Many visitors to this section of Modern Analyst have been asking for tips on how to get a job as a Business Analyst or Business Systems Analyst.  At least a few of you have now got your first (or second) job as an analyst.

Turning up on that first day can be intimidating.  What do you do first?  How do you start?  Wo are the right people to talk to?

I'll do you a deal.  I'll share my thoughts on how to start on a new project/job, but incrementally in response to the stories for you new analysts.  Share with us some of the tips you have about starting a new job.

New Post 11/14/2007 5:05 AM
User is offline kumar_BA
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Re: You got the job, now what? 

Hi craig

              Eagerly waiting for a good senior Business Analyst like you who likes to share his real time experience.I need guidance from you regarding preparation of SRS & how to draw Usecase diagram(I want to write srs and usecase for  an webapplication).So please give me your suggestions accordingly.

New Post 11/14/2007 3:03 PM
User is offline kris
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Re: You got the job, now what? 

Hi Craig,

Thankyou for putting up this thread. As you already know this is such perfect timing as I am to start a new job as a business systems analyst in 2 weeks time.

Yes it is very intimidating and scary to think of how my 1st day will be. A lot of ‘what’s and how’s’ keep popping up when I think of the 1st day.

I have already gained a lot of information from this community (MA) and from ‘Better projects’.

It would be really helpful if you and others in this community could share your thoughts and put up tips/suggestions as to how I should take up this new challenge. I will also do my best to put up some of my learning experiences as well.



New Post 11/14/2007 5:59 PM
User is offline Craig Brown
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Re: You got the job, now what? 

Thanks for contributing Kumar and Kris. 


Day 1 – what to expect


Desktop access

Depending on where you are working you may or may not have access to a computer.  Some places have a bureaucracy in place to ensure you can’t access desktops and email for at least a week or two.  Having said that, large organisations are getting better at this sort of thing and certainly smaller organisations are able to set you up pretty quickly.


See if there is anything you can do to help get yourself set up online.  It shows that you are motivated and pro-active. 


It will also give you an early taste of the organisation’s culture.  Is it very bureaucratic?  Is it highly service focused?  Do people expect you to just wait and follow the processes or to actively take ownership of the issue?


Pens and paper

Stationary is also one of those quirky things.  You’ll probably be pointed at a person and to they are the gatekeepers of the stationary.  Go make friends with them.  They are probably the gatekeepers of other important things like colour printers, cab charges and AV equipment.


Walk away from the meeting with a notepad and pen.  From now on keep your notepad with you and take notes whenever you met with someone.  You’ll want to record their name and what their role is in the organisation.


Learn the Org chart

Actually, while you are talking to the gatekeeper it might be a good idea to grab a copy of the local organisational chart.  That way as you meet people and collect names you can place them into the organisation.  I know a guy who always keeps an org chart in the back page of his notebook and after years at his current employer is still using it.


Getting the Project Background

The next thing to do is get the background documentation from the project manager.  You’ll possibly send much of the next day or two going over this.  Read it through chronologically first to see the evolution of the project.  Then go back and extract what will be relevant to your role.  For example who are the key stakeholders and what are their day to day responsibilities?  How will your project affect them?


Meet the team

Everyone is probably busy and won’t have too much time for you, but everyone will also be happy to be interrupted for questions and a short conversation.  The trick here is to have something to converse about.  One useful topic is “who are you and how will I be working with you?”  That way they get to talk about themselves and you also learn about the team and its structure.



Find someone and arrange lunch with them.  It doesn’t really matter who.  Different people can give you different experiences.  A peer can give you some local tips on how to get by, a project manager can give you some informal insight into the project’s politics and the stationary gatekeeper may just be a nice person to hang out with.  Joining someone for lunch on the first day helps you integrate socially into the new team.  It makes life easier and les stressful for you in the context of the unfamiliar.


That’s probably enough for the first day.  It will probably be a pretty quiet one with lots of reading.


I’m looking forward to hearing experiences from others out there also. 



New Post 12/3/2007 10:35 PM
User is offline anonymous
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Re: You got the job, now what? 

Hi Craig,

I am a regular visitor of I just have started working as a Business Analyst in an IT Company.

Thanks for the notes given by you for first day. I would like to know few things from you as stated below:

1.  What should be  the qualification/courses that a BA should have in order to work out the requirements engineering?

2. Once the BA starts working on projects, what should be the first step?

3. Apart from these software engineering concepts (requirements engineering), the analyst is supposed to have good functional knowldege. How he/she as a BA should increase/improve his functional knowledge?

4. What do you suggest BA's so that they can constatly update their knowledge in above stated all aspects?

Eagerly awaiting for your next post on You got the job, now what?

Thanks & Regards

Sachin Fegade


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