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New Post 6/25/2009 3:09 AM
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Re: Entry into BA? 

Hi k10,

Your profile in the manufacturing sector, where you worked for three years is a good starting point. You have already started working as a BA, because you said you were eliciting the customer requirements.
As Adrian told you could enter the field from business side —meaning, you can take advantage of your subject knowledge: electrical (bachelor degree), manufacturing, or retail (your current profile).
Many industries require business analyst, who should be a subject matter expert in a specific area. My suggestion is that you start as a business analyst from business side. Then, with your experience and your knowledge in IT will give you edge over others, while competing for the BA in IT, who will do the database design, process design, etc.
Wish you all success!
New Post 6/27/2009 4:39 AM
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Re: Entry into BA? 

Hi Jessy,

Thanks for your advice.I really appreciate it.I am trying to get my previous experience as a starting point,but its not easy to convince the employers that some of my skills are transferrable.I am hoping for the best.

New Post 6/29/2009 7:11 AM
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Re: Entry into BA? 

Just want to add to some of the great advice you've gotten here. You mention that your current employer does not have BAs, but do they have software or process improvement projects? If so, would it be possible for you to get involved in these projects in any capacity? I've been researching this area as of late and I've learned that many people transition into BA careers in small steps, and by accumulating relevant experiences that are often not core to their original jobs. If there is any opportunity to get involved in a project at your current employer, it could become more than it originally seems. Even if they don't employ BAs, every project needs someone to fill that role. It might be possible for you to insert yourself into that void and gain some relevant experience that you can use when looking for your next position.

Also, you mention that you have some BA experiences in a prior job. Are these listed as BA experiences in your resume? When you are talking to recruiters, do you talk about them in BA terms? It can help to simply treat this prior experience as BA experience, no ifs ands or buts. And this starts with how you talk about it. If it really was something that was a BA experience, talk about it without qualification and the people you are speaking with will start to see you as a business analyst as well.

My 2 cents.


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