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New Post 3/11/2009 8:51 AM
User is offline Tony Markos
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Re: Beginner Process Analyst Questions 


What is the best business process analysis technique?   I say that for smaller scale efforts, alot of techniques will do the job.  But what works for smallish efforts most often will  not work for large-scale business process modeling efforts.   Unfortunately, just about all the books and on-line information fail to discuss such.  They all present techniques based on the ASSumption that what works for smallish efforts is just as applicable on larger scale efforts.  Reason:  I don't think that vast majority of authors and such have any REAL experience actually applying business process modeling techniques on larger problems.  The  old saying:  "Those who can not do teach."  is so very true.

If you  study up on data flow diagrams, you will discover that, for example, the BPMN technique - probably the leading process modeling technique currently espoused - is actually very poor for large scale modeling efforts because trying to caputure all together the flow of control, sequencing, AND all the essential process inputs and outputs is impossible as the resulting diagrams will be soon become an unreadable "rats nest" of crossed-over lines.   That is why on DFD, flow of control and sequencing is shown on detail-level diagrams that tie into higher-level diagrams that just focus on process inputs and outputs - to manage complexity. 


New Post 3/11/2009 1:59 PM
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Re: Beginner Process Analyst Questions 

 Guy Beauchamp wrote

Hi Jermaine,



  1. What is the difference between a business analyst and a business process analyst.
    1. depends to an extent on the organisation that defines the roles as there are no standard definitions for the roles but in general: a business process analyst just models business processes whereas a business analyst does that and define all the other components involved in business analysis.
  2. What is  the best method of business process modelling. I recently came accross the Integrated Modelling method on the net. It claims to be the fastest and most accurate way to model business processes. What do you think?
    1. "best" is defined by what you want to achieve by modelling business processes and what the method supports. The notiaonal standard for modelling business processes is Business Process Modelling Notation (BPMN)
  3. What is  the best book/tutorial I can read in order to  get started quickly. Is it the BABOK..
    1. there are so many you could read! This website ( is publishing a reasonably comprehensive quick start guide next month - I happen to know this because I am writing it!

One other thought: why focus on becoming a business process analyst instead of becomming a business analyst? I have written another article on analysing what you wantfrom a possible career redirection/change here. You may already have done this exercise but you could analyse what you want from a career redirection/change and then see what role best suits what you are looking for...

Hope this helps!





Guy, I was wondering when and where the "quick start guide" will ready for the public.

Thanking you in advance


New Post 3/12/2009 3:12 AM
User is offline Guy Beauchamp
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Re: Beginner Process Analyst Questions 

Hi Odell,

I believe it may be March 23rd...tbc


New Post 3/13/2009 6:02 AM
User is offline Craig Brown
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Re: Beginner Process Analyst Questions 

 ajmarkos wrote

  "Those who can not do teach."  is so very true.




New Post 3/14/2009 8:57 PM
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Re: Beginner Process Analyst Questions 

Thanks for  your response.Guess I will just have to use BPMN for now.

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