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New Post 10/10/2007 7:04 AM
User is offline Claire
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Re: What will be the entrance level for BA 

Thanks so much Adrian,  for your information and advises.   These weeks I am geting throgh quite a lot things. Wana to share with you and probably need your help again :)

My passion:            I think I am quite interested in Finance industry. As when I studied in Uni, I worked as financial assistant in some companies and use their Business Intelligence systems and ERP system.  Quite like the position to link IS with Finance part, or Business Process,  analysis different function and provide possible solutions or implement new systems etc.    is it the job for BA?

I have tried some, ie Junior BA, but normally they require me have some year BA experience...  :(             But I know i need to find some place to come in, I have the academic knowledge, but need to apply that knowledge into real world company. May need some hand-on training or go with a project team and have support from senior BA.

I went to SAP Forum (as I studied SAP R/3 for one of my course as well) held by SAP Australia yesterday. Its the first time SAP host that forum alliance with Uni, SAP, and SAP Partners.  Each uni invited their top 5 or 10 students along with their academic lecturers, and yesterday we had three uni in Sydney. Those partner companies mainly specialised in consulting or BA fields, they talk about the industry they are and what kind of skillset they need. And I found the most attractive position for graduate would be the rotation position, you can have a try on different area and find the one that match your skills. and some company provide the opportunites that as graduates, we are junior consultant, we can go with the project team to conduct real projects after short time of intro- training, and have some hand-on help from senior BA directly.        Just wondering is 'testing' ie. system testing or data testing a entrance level?   but I am more in business field, no idea what testing actually is :(              

And I have another experience. I had interviewed with another big finance company, they provide IT Graduate Program this year, but their company is specialised in diversity fiance. After the interview, they told me 'a Finance role was really what I were looking for. '   I am confused again...

that's my experience.

Last question for today. How can I join local IIBA? Is there any Business Process group? I am interest in BP and BI as well.

Thanks again for all your help.

New Post 10/10/2007 1:19 PM
User is offline Adrian M.
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Re: What will be the entrance level for BA 

Hi Claire,

You are very welcome! 

I'm sure there are a number of Business Process groups out there, just do a Google search.  The OMG BPM page may lead you to other sites:

In order to join an IIBA chapter you need to be an IIBA member. 

Here is a list of the IIBA Chapters:

Best regards,

- Adrian

Adrian Marchis
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New Post 10/11/2007 5:14 AM
User is offline Craig Brown
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Re: What will be the entrance level for BA 

Claire, We are yet to speak personally but I'll share this advice with you publicly becuase others might get some benefit.

1. Getting help from others

Recruiters are actually a great source of advice.  Go to (in Australia) seek or mycareer and look up the jobs you are interested in and see which agencies are advertising.  Then contact them directly and explain that you are junior and looking to get into the industry.  While some firms may be hesitant to deal with you (you are harder to palcxe in a role) otehrs will take a more long term relationship view and offer advice.  You may even get lucky and tap into a mentor or someone who wants to coach you into a role.

2. Technical or business - where should I start?

Most BA's evolve out of technical roles like developer, tester or help desk.  However more and more are coming from he business side, satrting as business process specialists.  Usually these people have less technical or IT knowledge, but have good domain knowledge of the industry or business.  To develop this you usually need to put in  year or two as a frontline worker or manager.  Banking and finance are interesting though as they have many junior analyst roles (eg financial analysts, credit analysts, risk analysts, etc)

Planning and then networking is probably the key to success.

Anyone else got an opinion?

New Post 10/22/2007 6:43 AM
User is offline Claire
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Re: What will be the entrance level for BA 

Thanks Craig. I tried some of your suggestions, will try some others later. will try to find some BA recruitment :)

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