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New Post 4/16/2019 1:24 PM
User is offline Joseph Johrendt
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Moving from IT to Business Analyst 


I currently work in the IT field at a company where I am the only IT person at my company.  I do everything from help desk to system administration to networking.  I'm interested in switching out of the IT field and becoming a business analyst would allow me to switch out of IT but still do some IT activities. I would like to get out of my current situation because I just started a family and being on-call 24/7/365 is starting to get in the way of being with my family.  I have no problem working long hours but would like to be able to relax after work and on weekends when my work is done.  At my current company, I already do similar job duties as a business analyst in that I find various software's and hardware's that fit our business needs and present the entire process and all the costs and times to the manager or my administration team.  I took some project management and business analyst classes in college and still have my course work to review but are there other materials I should learn before pursuing a new career in business analyst or certifications I should get?



New Post 6/3/2019 8:15 AM
User is offline Stewart F
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Re: Moving from IT to Business Analyst 


Hi Joseph, As a BA Manager I am often asked for advise from people in the same sort of situation as you. I would give two suggestions:

1. First of all, you haven't said if you DONT enjoy your current role. Lets assume for a second that you do like it, but the only thing that goes against it is the fact that you are working around the clock. I get that, so I would ask your line manager if they would consider hiring some support for you. You may find that someone else in your company wants to do your job, so it may a 'Win Win' situation!

2. Lets assume the first doesn't come about. Is there someone in your company who is actually a BA? If there is, ask if its OK for you to shadow them for a few days. That way you can see what a BA really does do day to day. 

Don't rely on the picture sold in books and teaching materials. BAs, as with many other roles, often do additional work. Some act a Project managers, Product Managers or other roles in addition to their BA duties. 

Understanding what a BA is and does is a part of the process in getting a role, but it isn't the only thing. Most companies want experience these days, so see how many jobs you can find on job boards etc that DONT ask for x years experience. 

I am based in the UK, but I always look at people with passion and willingness to learn before any certificates they have. As a BA, you are always learning new things. So show me a passion to learn all the time and share that knowledge with other team members. I would always rather someone showed me those attributes, than someone else who has a host of certificates.

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