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I'm hoping for some advice from people who may have experienced the same as me or someone who could advise on what I could do to approach things successfully.

Firstly, I used to be employed as a BA a for some of my career, I was made redundant and so ended up doing some development work (ASP.Net) and then as in BPM, I then got made redundant again (twice in 18 months). MY career obviously took a nose dive, I experienced a number of personal problems. I found it hard to find another job, I ended up wrking in a care home to pay the mortgage, my marriage deteriorated and then I was diagnosed as suffering with Bipolar Disorder! This was 2009...

So, finding it difficult to even hold down a full time job, I enrolled on an access to higher education course (humanities and social sciences level 3) went to university to study archaeology (MArts - BA Hons with integrated masters (1st Class)), I fugured something I was interested will be more likely to be achieved and now I'm stable mentally thanks to some wonderful medication.

I'm looking at returning to BA work, albeit being well aware that I am out of the loop.  My IT Developer skills are pretty much non existence anymore and I know I've not worked in industry.  I can't do the CBAP as I have been out of work for the last seven years and so only have counted three years or their requirements.

So, at 41, with a new masters degree, some out of date experience how do I approach the missing years in applying for jobs?  I am considering doing the BCS BA Diploma and then applying to everything and anything hoping something sticks but really quite apprehensive about it. I also know my age is a factor at applying for some junior roles.  If it helps any, I am located in Cheshire, I would jump at the chance of getting my hands dirty and getting some relevant work experience to get the appropriate references and up to date so if any friendly businesses out there want to consider me that would be fantastic.

 Any advice from the experience you've gained?

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  Modern Analyst Forums  Careers  Getting Started  Career Advice

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