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New Post 2/11/2008 8:45 AM
User is offline Rajesh Murjwani
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Queries related to selecting career stream as BA 

Hi All,

I am looking for the role of Business Analyst in the next 12 to 18 months. Below are my educational background and other relevant details related to my work/career.

1. Bachelor of Engineering in Information Technology from Bombay University, India.

2. Started my career with a US based Multinational company, listed in Fortune 500 companies. Having around 3 years of work experience in IT company and now working as a Sr. Software Engineer in Bombay, India.

3. Six Sigma Green Belt certified.

Reason for choosing career stream as BA

I have worked for Six Sigma project and hence, have been through all the phases of project/process development right from requirement elicitation to Project completion. Requirement gathering and developing business models, functional specifications etc are the things that I really enjoyed doing in my Six Sigma project as well as in other projects, whenever I got the chance.

I've recently joined another CMM level 5 IT company in Bombay and I'm now working in the project which is in Insurance domain - Non Life for a US based client. To become a BA in the current organization where I'm working, expectation from me would be to understand the Domain knowledge which is Insurance. However, I have several queries (listed below) related to the role of BA and for becoming a BA.

1. How to start with - An Ice Breaker. (Consider my case with an engineering background and software development experience prior to becoming a BA)

2. Are there any Business Analyst certifications availabe that has global recognition. If yes, Please name them, where are the exams comducted and how to register?

3.  Flexibility to switch over to IT projects in other domains like banking, finance, healthcare, telecom, etc in the long run (Since I need to get an expertise in insurance domain first to become BA in my current organization )

4. Can Business Analyst become a Project Manager in an IT company?

5. Scope/growth opportunities for BA in IT industry.

Request you all to help in clarifying the queries above.




New Post 2/12/2008 8:49 AM
User is offline Chris Adams
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Re: Queries related to selecting career stream as BA 
Modified By Chris Adams  on 3/3/2008 6:00:28 PM)



You really are in excellent shape to make the transition to a business analysis career. Your education and experience as a developer provide a strong foundation to build on.


How to Start

It sounds like you are currently working in an organization where the switch to a BA role is very possible. If I understand you correctly, it is expected that you first gain domain knowledge of the Insurance industry in which you work. Whether your primary role is that of a developer or a business analyst, it will help you to develop your domain knowledge as rapidly as possible. There are a few main things I would do in your situation to learn this information with ease and efficiency. 

  1. Create a Business Entity Model. A business entity model is typically a UML class diagram that models the “things” of the business. You should not be modeling physical classes, instead this should be a logical model representing the nouns encountered in your domain (Insurance Policy, Policy Holder, Policy Underwriter, Policy Premium, Term, etc.). For each entity, identify the attributes of the entity and its relationship to other entities.
  2. Create a Business Use Case Model. Start by developing a business use case diagram which identifies the interactions that business workers have with specific business processes. Each business use case would be a business process which by itself results in something of value to the business worker. 
  3. Create a Role Map. While creating your Business Use Case diagram you will need to identify the business worker roles that initiate each use case. A role map helps you identify all of the roles that exist and the relationship between them. Some roles are a composite of other roles. Other roles specialize a more generic role within the business. A role map ensure that you have identified all of the business workers involved and that you truly understand the importance of each within the business.

I recommend creating the models above because I believe they give you the biggest payoff for your time. With this information, you now have a framework or point of reference for everything else you learn about the business domain. You don’t need to create a lot of detailed activity or sequence diagrams as creating these are very time consuming. However, once you have created framework for your domain you can create detailed use case descriptions, activity diagrams, etc, as you feel necessary to understand a more complex aspect of the business domain.


Business Analysis Certification

The CBAP is offered by the IIBA. I believe it is the most internationally recognized at this time.


From Business Analyst to Project Manager

A Business Analyst can certainly become a project manager, but I want to clarify what type of project manager we are talking about. A true project manager typically manages the development of the project plan and work plans, and monitors the status of works, issues, risks, etc. 

Most Business Analysts that talk about becoming a project manager really want to what I will call a Program Manager. This would be the person who is ultimately responsible for the entire project execution. They manage and oversee the project planning, analysis, development, testing, infrastructure, etc. They are truly responsible for the end-to-end development of the system. The more experience you have with multiple areas such as analysis, project management, and development the more likely you are to move into this type of role. So yes, business analysts can move in this direction.


Growth Opportunities for Business Analysts

The business analyst profession is growing at a rapid pace in areas of the world where development costs are expensive. For these companies, as they move development to places like India and soon to China, the need to have business analysts who can interact face to face with stakeholders and subject matter experts becomes more critical. There have been a number of posts in these forums on the growth of the profession. You should check them out.

Chris Adams
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New Post 2/13/2008 7:00 AM
User is offline Rajesh Murjwani
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Re: Queries related to selecting career stream as BA 

Hello Chris,

Thanks for your reply! I am sure your suggestions would help me to reach at my goal. 

Thanks Again!


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