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New Post 4/21/2014 1:32 PM
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Best Model to show environements and decisions 

Hi All! 

I am new to this community and love the support so here is my question.  I am working on mapping some change management processes.  I have completed a high level flow and the SIPOC and I am mostly completed with my detailed process maps however I want to show my audience that customer onboarding has led directly to inconsistancies on how environments are used (ie: some test directly in production, while others test in pre-production).  In all, this has lead to 3 variations to how and when production is updated with changes. 

I don't want to completely alienate my audience (they are sales reps) with details however I want them to clearly see how customers have been onboarded have impacted their processes and at the same time I want to document environement usage for our engineers so they have a better understanding on how everyone is "testing". 

Any suggestions on how to best do this?  My first instinct is to map out the three different processes separately but I wanted to see if anyone had another suggestions.  If I map out the three different variations, I would have to re-create 6 different subprocesses.

Thanks in advance!

New Post 4/21/2014 5:44 PM
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Re: Best Model to show environements and decisions 

Hi JScott,

You may already have done this, but I'm left wondering what the cons are of some customers testing in pre-prod and others in prod.  You already mentioned that it impacts how and when prodution is updated with changes but what are all of the issues that arise from this?  And are there other cons to the variation in process (beside your diagram not looking as pretty as you would like).  There are almostly certainly costs associated with these variations, and therefore a process change could mean savings of time and/or money. 

Next, you mentioned you would need to re-create 6 different subprocesses.  This confused me.  What type of standard are you using and what software?  Can't you reference subprocess from higher level processes?

Beyond the modeling, consider laying out some of the information in a table or matrix for the sales reps to digest.  This could work well for environment usage stats anyway.


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