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New Post 8/18/2013 8:44 AM
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Best tool for prototyping? 
Hello Everyone, I'm currently looking for a prototyping tool that will all my team to create interactive prototypes with hover overs, dialog boxes, basic navigation etc. but without having to use states or copies of one screen to the next to link them. I found that tools that do that are time consuming to maintain the prototypes. What I'm looking for is a tool that doesn't force to link screens or use states but rather allows layering so for instance, a dialog box that displays in the prototype should only consist of the screen it is called from and should display right on top of the screen. So to make changes or maintain it I only have to update the screen from which it is called or the dialog itself. Now the catch here is I don't want to force my team to become front end developers to do this. So I'm looking for a prototyping tool that doesn't require the designer to write any code but still allows them to create interactive prototypes that are easy to maintain. Software I've tried that doesn't work in this regard because it uses states or links screens: Balsamiq Axure Indigo Studio InDesign Software I'm considering: Muse Any other ideas?
New Post 9/23/2013 9:14 PM
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Re: Best tool for prototyping? 

 I know I'm late to respond, but depending on what type of thing you're prototyping, I would recommend Tableau.  When I prototype reports and dashboards, Tableau is ALWAYS my first stop (if not my last).  The UI is extremely accessible, plus it just puts out beautiful products.  You can check it out by downloading the public version of Tableau before you buy.

Barring that, in a previous position I just straight-up used C++ and SQL Server to create dashboards and reports that were headed for production but needed some fine-tuning.

Hopefully that's helpful in some way.

New Post 9/30/2013 11:53 AM
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Re: Best tool for prototyping? 

iRise, but it's pricey

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