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New Post 4/4/2012 1:15 AM
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Babok technique clarification 


Acceptance and Evaluation Criteria (Babok Technique)




Could someone explain me about the highlighted points mentioned below??



1Agile methodologies may require that all requirements be expressed in the form of testable acceptance criteria.


1Acceptance criteria are also necessary when the requirements express contractual



1Acceptance and evaluation criteria may express contractual obligations and as such may be difficult to change for legal or political reasons.
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Re: Babok technique clarification 
I cannot speak for the Body of Knowledge Committee, however I can speak from my own experience. Acceptance and evaluation criteria that are documented, may include requirements that have been approved and signed-off by both the client and a supplier or vendor. These may require development by a vendor such as an API, it may require adherence to a regulation such as ADA (American Disability Act) or SOX (Sarbanes-Oxley Act), it may require security requirements that meet COPPA (Children's Online Privacy Protection Act) or to protect someone’s PII (Personal Identifiable Information). Many large companies have documentation policies that assist in helping their BAs understand what they expect from documentation for writing, retention, and destruction. Each project and each company is different; you should tailor your business analysis approach and plan accordingly. Acceptance and Evaluation Criteria can be extremely helpful as a work product for many stakeholders. I sometimes create them as a simple checklist or as a package of requirements and functional specs. I hope this information was helpful, Deena Chadwick
Deena Chadwick Manager, Business Analyst
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Re: Babok technique clarification 


When a vendor is contracted to provide a solution (or to work in developing a solution), there are usually specific products and services that the vendor is required to deliver under the terms of their contract.  So acceptance and evalution critieria for the product(s) delivered by that vendor cannot go beyond what is required in their contract.  For example, if the vendor is contracted to build a solution and implement it, but not to test it or configure it (not saying this should happen!  just using as an example), then evaluation and acceptance of that product could not include criteria for ensuring that the product was properly configured, and would not include criteria for successful test completion(which is normally pretty standard for acceptance of a product). 

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