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New Post 10/7/2010 3:21 PM
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Gap Analysis 

 Does anyone have a good definition of a gap analysis?

New Post 10/7/2010 8:34 PM
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Re: Gap Analysis 


The gap is the difference (delta) between the "as-is" and the "to-be". She strategy is HOW you going to get from the "as-is" to the "to-be".

warm regards,


New Post 10/7/2010 10:27 PM
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Re: Gap Analysis 

 ktfm wrote

 Does anyone have a good definition of a gap analysis?

I agree with K...

Gap Analysis is the activity of looking at the differences between where something/someone is and where it needs/wants to be.

Here are some more definitions:

From Wikipedia:  "In business and economics, gap analysis is a tool that helps a company to compare its actual performance with its potential performance. At its core are two questions: "Where are we?" and "Where do we want to be?" ... Gap analysis is a formal study of what a business is doing currently and where it wants to go in the future. It can be conducted, in different perspectives, as follows:  1.Organization (e.g., human resources)
2.Business direction
3.Business processes
4.Information technology"

From "Technique for determining the steps to be taken in moving from a current state to a desired future-state. It begins with (1) listing of characteristic factors (such as attributes, competencies, performance levels) of the present situation ("what is"), (2) cross-lists factors required to achieve the future objectives ("what should be"), and then (3) highlights the 'gaps' that exist and need to be 'filled.' Also called need-gap analysis, needs analysis, and needs assessment."

From Investopedia: "Conducting a gap analysis can help a company re-examine its goals to determine whether it is on the right path to be able to accomplish them. A company will list the factors that define its current state, outline the factors that are required to reach the target state, and then determine how to fill the "gaps" between the two states."

Adrian Marchis
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New Post 10/27/2010 2:47 AM
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Re: Gap Analysis 
Modified By Adrian M.  on 10/29/2010 2:17:13 AM)

Movement from a current-state to a target-state. It's fundamental and applies to EVERYTHING - from simple optimization to change management.  

New Post 12/14/2010 11:58 PM
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Re: Gap Analysis 

In my humble opinion, In business gap analysis is a tool that helps a company to compare its actual performance with its possible performance.

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