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Hot Thread with new postsMarket Research on Business Analysis - Focus on Requirements Engineering
in Requirements
No Rating
4/30/2024 6:30 AM
by indykaurbansal
Hot Thread with new postsTips for getting started
in Getting Started
No Rating
4/27/2024 7:02 AM
by giuzioevo
Hot Thread with new postsBusiness Analyst Tool development - Market survey 5 mins
in Community & Portal
No Rating
4/26/2024 7:37 AM
by SMD123
Hot Thread with new postsClient BA vs Supplier BA
in Career Advice & Trends
No Rating
4/13/2024 6:13 AM
by boliver228
Hot Thread with new postsSo much focus on use cases & user stories
in Requirements
No Rating
4/9/2024 1:27 AM
by boliver228
Hot Thread with new postsUsing SSO in Collibra, how to assign author licenses
in General
No Rating
2/21/2024 10:44 PM
by hemanth4
Hot Thread with new postsWhat is CBAP - Certified Business Analysis Professional?
in CBAP - Certified Business Analysis Professional
No Rating
2/15/2024 11:02 PM
by Arunnathu
Hot Thread with new postsWhy is data analytics important in real life?
in Data Analysis for the Data Analyst
No Rating
2/13/2024 2:26 AM
by sanjanaroy
Hot Thread with new posts I want to start studying remotely, do you know Tech?
in Career Advice & Trends
No Rating
1/5/2024 4:35 PM
by alicia9512vm
Hot Thread with new postsUser Roles or Privileges screen for intranet application
in Agile Analysis & Techniques
No Rating
11/12/2023 4:24 PM
by Samigget
Hot Thread with new postsRequirements management tools
in Requirements
No Rating
8/24/2023 7:16 AM
by opposer
Hot Thread with new postsRequirements engineering survey
in Requirements
No Rating
8/17/2023 7:41 AM
by kfregene
Hot Thread with new postsIntroduction
in Introductions & Announcements
No RatingInformative
8/4/2023 12:15 AM
by AlexCarry
Hot Thread with new postsWant to move from Testing to BA
in Career Advice & Trends
No Rating
7/28/2023 3:00 AM
by Sid B
Hot Thread with new postsGuidance to land a job
in Getting Started
No Rating
7/26/2023 6:57 PM
by Aditya_99
Hot Thread with new postsAs an IT business analyst playbook
in Community & Portal
No Rating
6/15/2023 11:30 AM
by LuciusThorne
Hot Thread with new postsModern Analytics or SAP Analytics
in General
No RatingResolved
3/15/2023 9:15 AM
by Vivek Garg
Hot Thread with new postsHi! Questionnaire
in Introductions & Announcements
No Rating
3/12/2023 3:28 AM
by Mateusz274
Hot Thread with new postsWhat is Agile HR Methodology?
in Business Process Analysis
No Rating
1/5/2023 5:35 PM
by Agile PeopleOps
Hot Thread with new postsSoftware Development Methodology and Principles
in Requirements
No Rating
1/4/2023 9:57 PM
by Harsh78
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