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Trips-R-You Case Study: User Interface Example

Trips-R-You Case Study: User Interface Example
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Posted by: Adrian M on Sunday, December 1, 2019

The purpose of this spreadsheet is to present an example of detailed specifications for a screen-based user interface. The example is part of the Trips-R-You Flight Booking Case Study. It's purpose is to provide an integrated, end-to-end set of requirement examples. 

The following case study example high-level requirements identify the need for this user interface:

"An internet user or customer shall be able to search for flights for a trip."
"A customer shall be able to book flights based on selected journey options."

Section 3.2 of the case study presents the scenario describing discussions with stakeholders about the above two requirements. These discussions lead to the example detailed business needs documented in this spreadsheet and the data dictionary spreadsheet. When those discussions were concluded, and the contents of this spreadsheet reviewed and signed-off, the following example 'formal' detailed requirement was produced to represent the business needs for this user interface:

"An internet user or customer shall be able to search for, and book, flights for a trip - as specified in DR013 - Self-service Flight Booking User Interface v1.0"

NOTE: The Elements tab, where individual UI fields, associated labels, and action items are listed, includes both a 'Priority' and a 'Release' column. This allows capturing detailed business needs that can individualy be removed or re-added into scope for the project by changing the priority. Any element in scope can be assigned to a 'later' release.

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