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Trips-R-You Case Study: Requirements

Trips-R-You Case Study: Requirements
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Posted by: adrian on Sunday, September 29, 2019

The purpose of the Trips-R-You Flight Booking Case Study is to provide an integrated, end-to-end set of requirement examples. In IIBA® BABOK® V3 terminology, end-to-end means from Business Requirements to Stakeholder Requirements to Solution and Transition Requirements. This case study, and associated artefacts, use the more traditional business terms Goals, High-level Requirements (HLRs), and Detail Requirements. Only functional requirements are addressed, and only within the context of a project chartered to deliver an IT-based solution.

The case study involves a fictitious organisation — the Trips-R-You Travel Agency. The study deals with the requirements phase of an equally fictitious project, established to deliver a web-based customer self-service flight booking capability – often referred to as an Airline Reservation System.

The case study is divided into three sections, based on the three levels of requirements. The first section introduces the organization and a problem it faces. A goal is set that is intended to eliminate the problem, and a business case is commissioned to examine potential solutions.

The second section sees a project initiated to deliver the solution recommended by the business case. That project’s scope is shown, and how it leads to high-level requirements for the project.

The third section takes example HLRs to the detail level – one HLR involving each of the following functional capability types...

NOTE: Template courtesy of Dan Tasker

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