The IIBA CBAP - Certified Business Analysis Professional

CBAP - Certified Business Analysis Professional

CBAP Certification

CBAP stand for Certified Business Analysis Professional.  The CBAP certification is the designation given to those professionals who sit for and pass the CBAP exam.  For this reason, the term CBAP is often used as a shorthand term to refer to the CBAP exam itself.  Given that the CBAP certification is relatively new to the business analysis industry; there are a relatively small percentage of professionals that hold the CBAP certification.


The CBAP exam was created and is administered by the IIBA (International Institute of Business Analysis). The CBAP exam is administered in English.  In the future, the IIBA plans to offer it in other languages

While there is only a single CBAP exam and designation today, the IIBA may offer additional certification programs in the going forward.

The CBAP exam is typically updated as each new version of the BABOK (Business Analysis Body of Knowledge) is developed and rolled out.

CBAP Exam Prerequisites

The IIBA requires that 5 prerequisites be met prior to applying and sitting for the CBAP exam.

  1. CBAP Work Experience Requirement

    The CBAP applicant must have 7,500 hours of business analysis work experience within the last ten years (based on the application date) where he or she has specifically performed tasks related to the knowledge areas defined within the BABOK (Business Analysis Body of Knowledge).

  2. CBAP Knowledge Areas Requirement

    The CBAP applicant must have a breadth of knowledge consisting of a minimum of 900 hours of business analysis experience performing tasks related to four of the six knowledge areas of the BABOK.

  3. CBAP Education Requirement

    The CBAP applicant must have a high school diploma or equivalent. Further education is not a replacement the necessary work experience requirements.

  4. CBAP Professional Development Requirement

    The CBAP applicant must have completed 21 hours of business analysis related professional development within in the last four years (based on the application date).

  5. CBAP Reference Requirement

    The CBAP applicant must furnish two references from a manager, internal or external client, or another CBAP designee indicating the applicant’s suitability for the CBAP certification.

Certification candidates are not required to be IIBA ® members in order to take the certification examination.


There is no single method of CBAP prep. The IIBA makes a few recommendations, but also points out that the exam may cover topics beyond what is in the BABOK. Here are a few CBAP prep methods:

  1. Review the BABOK, Review the BABOK, Review the BABOK
  2. Complete training courses offered by IIBA EEPs (Endorsed Education Providers) focusing on topics that are covered by the BABOK Knowledge Areas.

The IIBA does not provide sample exam questions for CBAP prep.


CBAP Benefits

How does the CBAP Certification benefit the professional?

The CBAP Certification benefits the professional in the following ways:

  • Demonstrates to peers, management, internal clients, and external clients that the certification holder has successfully demonstrated their expertise in Business Analysis
  • Demonstrates to prospective employers that certification holder is committed to strengthening their skills and managing personal career goals
  • Can create opportunities for career advancement within the professionals organization


Additional CBAP Information

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