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Aligning Business Analysis

Aligning Business Analysis
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Author(s): Robin Grace
Paperback: 188 pages

Align your Business Analysis function to deliver the right system - the first time. If you have ever heard your users say "This is not what I wanted" or your developers say "You should have told be that's what you wanted!" then chances are the Business Analysis function in your organisation is not working, but do you know why? Unlike other books on the subject, Aligning Business Analysis: Assessing Business Analysis from a Results Focus, identifies the information that must be gathered and gleaned during the analysis process. Based on this information, an analyst or an organisation will be in a position to assess their entire approach, to Business Analysis to ensure it records and communicates the correct information succinctly thereby enabling the development team to effectively deliver the Business Requirements. This is not a "how-to" but rather a "what-is-needed" book.



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