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Business Analysis for Business Intelligence

Business Analysis for Business Intelligence
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Author: Bert Brijs
Paperback: 400 pages
ISBN-13: 978-1439858349

Aligning business intelligence (BI) infrastructure with strategy processes not only improves your organization's ability to respond to change, but also adds significant value to your BI infrastructure and development investments. Until now, there has been a need for a comprehensive book on business analysis for BI that starts with a macro view and gradually narrows it down to real-world tips, templates, and discussion material BI analysts need to know.

Covering the concepts, tools, and background required for successful BI projects, Business Analysis for Business Intelligence describes how to use business intelligence to improve your analysis activities. It outlines a proven framework for developing data models and solutions that fit your organization’s strategy. Explaining how to avoid common pitfalls, it demonstrates how to use continuous improvement to create a strategic knowledge organization and establish a competitive advantage.

  • Links proven theories with practical insights

  • Describes the questions you need to ask yourself or the client when turning data into information

  • Includes discussion items and templates suitable for both IT and business professionals

  • Illustrates the root causes behind poor performance management

  • Outlines the steps needed to get your BI project started correctly

The book details a framework based on time-tested theories, empirical data, and the author’s experience analyzing strategic processes in dozens of organizations across a range of industries—including financial, logistics, food production, health, telecom, government, and retail. Providing you with the tools to achieve enduring success, the book can help your organization develop successful BI projects and fine-tune them to match the strategic decision making process in your organization.


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