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Managing Business Analysts

Managing Business Analysts
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Author: Rick Clare
Paperback: 226 pages
ISBN-13: 978-0981129273

This book is full of advice and guidance on how to take on the management of BAs, written from many perspectives. Here you will read about how BAs manage themselves and how they might manage other BAs. You will also encounter information on how Project Managers (PMs) can best make use of the BAs on their teams and on how Senior Management can adapt corporate processes to take advantage of the skills that BAs bring to the table. How will off-shoring affect the use of BAs? How do they fit into the corporate organization charts? What kind of specialized training will they require? This book can help with these questions, and provide expert-level guidance from people who have been there and done that. Here are just some of the subjects addressed in this book:

• How do PMs manage BAs?

• How do BAs manage BAs?

• How do BAs manage when they find themselves responsible for projects?

• How do functional or line managers manage BAs?

• How should we train our BAs?

• What does the career ladder for BAs look like?

• How should BAs be organized in my company?

• How do I persuade my senior management that BAs bring great value?

This book is a collaborative effort, consisting of the views and contributions of a wide variety of experts in the BA arena. The contributing authors include two Vice-Presidents of the IIBA®, the Presidents of training and consulting companies, well-known international authors, working BA Managers, Trainers, Project Managers, and a number of international contributors. This group’s wide range of backgrounds and subject matter expertise provide a perfect blend of theory and real-world experience, and this book should become an excellent resource for you as you manage your way through the world of business analysis.


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