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Process-Based Software Project Management

Process-Based Software Project Management
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Author: F. Alan Goodman
Paperback: 280 pages
ISBN-13: 978-0849373046

Not connecting software project management (SPM) to actual, real-world development processes can lead to a complete divorcing of SPM to software engineering that can undermine any successful software project. By explaining how a layered process architectural model improves operational efficiency, Process-Based Software Project Management outlines a new method that is more effective than the traditional method when dealing with SPM.

With a clear and easy-to-read approach, the book discusses the benefits of an integrated project management–process management connection. The described tight coupling of the process world to the SPM world provides a high degree of completeness and accuracy necessary for effective project management. The author shows you that this process-based approach to SPM increases product quality, shortens time-to-market, reduces life cycle costs, facilitates short system test times, and increases developmental supply chain management (SCM) controls and total repeatability. This underlying process approach also actively involves SCM, software quality assurance (SQA), engineering, and accounting as part of your integrated SPM team for total success.

Through examples and detailed explanations, Process-Based Software Project Management illustrates how this novel SPM approach is more profitable and time-efficient when compared to traditional SPM methods. The software manager, along with the support team, will finally all be on “the same page” to achieve SPM/engineering success.  


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