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Perry McLeod - Team Lead & Lead BA

Adrian Marchis - Stakeholder

Live Project: Modern Analyst Knowledge Appraiser

The Modern Analyst Knowledge Appraiser is an initiative which has two main purposes:

  • Add a new feature to to allow community members to test (appraise) their business analysis and systems analysis skills.
  • To showcase a project "live" as it develops  so that members of the community who are more junior or just getting started can witness a project unfold and get a sense of the types of issues, challenges, and rewards that a business analyst or systems analyst experiences during the life of a project.

NOTE: All information, materials, content, and design of the Modern Analyst Knowledge Appraiser are copyright work of Modern Analyst Media LLC and are simply published as part of a sample project as a service to the business systems analysis community.

Project Diary: Knowledge Appraiser

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Project Vision: Modern Analyst Knowledge Appraiser

Lead Business Analyst:

The goal of the Modern Analyst Knowledge Appraiser (MAKA) project is to make freely available, as a gift to the business analyst community, under copyright to Modern Analyst Media LLC, a configurable Knowledge Appraisal and Assessment application that has been inspired by the business analysis profession but designed to be flexible enough to accommodate a wide variety of technical and leadership oriented core competencies.

This tool would be available to "use for free" for registered members of

Our vision is also to make this a "live" project.  That is, provide registered members of the community the opportunity to experience and see a project unfolding with all its challenges and rewards.

Community feedback is welcome and encouraged!


posted @ Saturday, December 1, 2007 by pmcleod

Stakeholder: Feedback on Draft Business Case

Hi Perry,

See below my feedback on the Business Case...

- Adrian


posted @ Monday, November 12, 2007 by adrian

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