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Introduction to R-Shiny - 4 workshops

Modern Analyst Workshop

When & Where

Wednesday, August 31, 2022 @ 14:00
(ECT European Central Time GMT+1:00)

google meet


4 workshops of 3.h hours, every Wednesday, to be hold online on Google Meet, at 2pm CEST, until 5:30pm.

Follow the full path to go from zero to being able to build a first Shiny app, test, deploy to in a productive environment.
Otherwise join only the workshops you are interested in.

1) Build your first Shiny App 31/08/2022
- Become familiar with the structure of a Shiny app
- Understand reactivity and how it is used in Shiny
- Discover Shiny input widgets
- Render output tables & plots according to user input
- Show output on demand, include download
- Develop your first App in R Shiny

2) Make a Shiny App sparkle 07/09/2022
- Apply easy customization of Shiny aesthetics
- Explore different UI structures, layouts and organizations
- Use CSS customization & HTML
- Experiment with other Shiny-related packages
- Discover dashboard layouts

3) Advanced Shiny Development 14/09/2022
- Package your Shiny project with golem
- Structure your App into modules
- Explore dynamic UI
- Gain an overview of different testing approaches for a Shiny app
- Get a first intro on best practices like dependencies control and automation

4) Bring a Shiny App to Production 21/09/2022
- Use best development practices, such as version control, modularization, package structure and testing
- Control dependencies with renv
- Automate continuous integration and deployment with GitHub Actions
- Create branches, including branch protection
- Apply GitFlow in a collaborative setup
- Perform a release to production

Discounts available on full price for:
- registering early bird to a single workshop
- register multiple attendees
- register to more than 1 workshop of the path

More Details

Starts 8/31/2022 @ 14:00
(ECT European Central Time GMT+1:00)
Ends 9/21/2022 @ 17:30
(ECT European Central Time GMT+1:00)
Google Meet


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