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Introduction to R - 4 workshops

Modern Analyst Workshop

When & Where

Wednesday, June 8, 2022 @ 14:00
(ECT European Central Time GMT+1:00)

google meet


4 workshops of 3.h hours, every Wednesday, to be hold online on Google Meet, at 2pm CEST, until 5:30pm.

Follow the full path to go from zero to being able to build and deploy a package using version control and GitHub.
Otherwise join only the workshops you are interested in.

1) R basics - objects, functions and operations 08/06/2022
- Introduction to R and RStudio
- How to get help?
- Install Packages
- Use built in functions for basic operations
- Data Objects - classes: vectors, matrices, lists & data.frames
- Apply family
- Import/Export & read data in R

2) Data analysis with tidyverse 15/06/2022
- Introduction to the tidyverse framework
- The pipe operator %>%
- dplyr common functions: mutate, filter, summarize and more
- Analyze grouped data
- Convenience functions n, slice_*, distinct and more
- Joining, pivoting and unpivoting data
- tidyr for condition based rules

3) Programming R 22/06/2022
- Write your own R functions
- Conditional execution in base R and Tidyverse
- Explicit looping and the apply family
- Making the code more efficient with vectorization
- Operate efficiently with matrices
- Structure & modularize your code
- Debugging and logging strategies

4) Becoming an R developer 29/06/2022
- Build an R package locally
- Document it with roxygen tags
- Write unit tests and check package consistency
- Control dependencies with renv
- Connect your code to Git version control
- Safely deploy to a GitHub Repository
- Implement Continuous Integration (CI) with GitHub Actions
- Apply GitFlow in a collaborative setup

Discounts available on full price for:
- registering early bird to a single workshop
- register multiple attendees
- register to more than 1 workshop of the path

More Details

Starts 6/8/2022 @ 14:00
(ECT European Central Time GMT+1:00)
Ends 6/29/2022 @ 17:30
(ECT European Central Time GMT+1:00)
Google Meet


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