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How does Enterprise Analysis bring value to an organization?

Posted by Chris Adams

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Enterprise Analysis activities are intended to achieve a number of outcomes that contribute directly to project success:

  • Ensure that the business problems to be solved and / or opportunities to be leveraged through any project are fully understood and clearly articulated
  • Assess the capability of the organization and identify any gaps that would prevent it from meeting business needs and achieving the desired outcomes from any project
  • Determine the most feasible business solution for the identified problems and opportunities
  • Establish the high-level scope and business case or plan for a recommended business solution

The information produced through Enterprise Analysis is the basis for critical project decisions – what the project is expected to cost, what value it is expected to bring, whether any solution can be reasonably expected to address the business needs, which solution is the ‘best’ when alternatives are available, and the ultimate decision- should the organization even proceed with a particular project or course of action.

These are decisions that every organization has to make for every major project or initiative. Enterprise Analysis brings a structure and a methodology to the way that information is collected and documented for those decisions. Put very simply, more informed decisions produce better results. Well-executed Enterprise Analysis helps the organization predict, monitor and manage the key factors that are critical to project success.

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Robin Goldsmith posted on Thursday, February 13, 2014 2:37 PM
While the described outcomes indeed are beneficial and necessary for project success, BABOK has done a disservice by characterizing the activities involved in the way it has as ‘enterprise analysis.’ There is indeed true enterprise analysis which deals at the enterprise and executive level, but what BABOK instead tries to describe is project initiation/definition which is an essential part of every project and usually does not and need not involve those at or even close to executive levels.

For more, see my series of articles on ‘What the Heck Is Enterprise Analysis’ at and
Robin Goldsmith
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