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Give an example of how you would use the problem restatement technique of ‘Problem Paraphrasing’.

Posted by Chris Adams

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Problem Paraphrasing is altering the wording of the problem statement just slightly resulting in a new problem statement which is very similar in meaning.  The process is repeated until you have arrived at the principle problem.


  • Drivers keep cutting me off.
  • Drivers keep passing me and pulling in front of me.
  • Drivers keep changing lanes to pass me and then pulling back in front of me.
  • Drivers keep pulling around me.
  • Drivers keep pulling around me while going the speed limit.
  • I’m driving to slow!

A Subject Matter Expert can tell you if each new statement still reflects a valid scenario.  It’s important that each statement be valid and correct.  However, this technique is useful because a Subject Matter Expert may not be able to jump directly to the principle problem.  The paraphrasing technique helps the group gradually arrive at the principle problem.



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