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As a business analyst, do you have a “results-oriented mindset”?

Posted by Chris Adams

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Being results-oriented implies that you are focused on delivery. This BA mindset could be the delivery of whatever task you are hoping to complete to achieve the desired results. Results-oriented or delivery-focused individuals tend to focus on the outcome of tasks with a lesser emphasis on the actual process of achieving them. There is often a sense of urgency with resolving problems where teams have a result-oriented mindset.  

Demonstrating that you have mastered this competency during an interview

  • Provide an example of when you set an ambitious goal for yourself that you achieved within a certain period 
  • Describe the challenges that you faced and tackled but still managed to achieve your goal 
  • Explain how this goal was aligned to what the overall team was expected to deliver 
  • Highlight your proactive and determined approach in identifying the most efficient way to achieve your goal 

Why should you have a results-oriented mindset, and are there any drawbacks? 

A team of like-minded individuals with a results-oriented mindset is more likely to lead to high-performing teams as the collective effort has a shared vision and is directed at delivering value. Of course, value means different things to different organisations; however, a common one is value to customers with agile practices. So it stands to reason that when a team operates with a shared results-oriented mindset to deliver customer value, there is a greater chance of success. A further benefit is that these efforts may be directly aligned with the company's OKRs to ensure all measures are strategically focused. 

There are situations where having a results-oriented mindset may not be optimal; these include where problems are not clearly defined. The goal you are striving for in these instances may end up not resolving your problem. 

Ideally, BA’s should ensure the problem is clearly defined before shifting the focus to the outcome.

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