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What is a stakeholder needs assessment?

Posted by Chris Adams

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Stakeholder analysis involves identification of individuals and organizations that have some form of stake or interest in the project outcomes, and assessing the particular needs of each stakeholder group. The stakeholder needs assessment is conducted early in the project, so that steps can be taken to effectively manage their interests and expectations throughout the project.

Information contained in the needs assessment helps the project team engage stakeholders, and supports planning and execution of project communications.

When conducting a stakeholder needs assessment, questions such as the following are answered:

  • What challenges or barriers does each stakeholder currently face?
  • What improvements or benefits does each stakeholder group wish to achieve through this project?
  • What information does each stakeholder need or expect to receive?
  • Is the stakeholder supportive, oppositional or neutral towards the project?
  • How much power does the stakeholder have to sway others in the organization towards their own position?

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nick tibbels posted on Thursday, September 13, 2018 4:48 AM
Often overlooked, very under-rated. Thank you for posting
nick tibbels
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