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What is your biggest weakness?

Posted by Adrian M.

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This is one of those questions to which only YOU have the answer. 

First of all, don't be afraid of this question.  Most employers ask this question to find out your self-assessment skills and your ability to understand reality. 

The way you should answer this question is something like this:  "I'm not sure exactly what my biggest weakness is but one area in which I know I need to continue to improve is ________." 

Don't stop there.  Most employers also want to make sure that once you know you have a weakness you are actually doing something about it.  So add something like: "I have already been taking proactive steps to improve in this area including ______, ______, and _____."

As a business analyst, you do not know everything. Trust me.  So find an area in which you need to improve and start working on it.

Here are some more tips to consider when answering this question:


  • tell the truth
  • admit a weakness that can be fixed
  • ask the interviewer to clarify the question


  • tell them you have no weaknesses
  • confess something big
  • just say "I work too hard"



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