When aligning your enterprise with a defined business strategy, what key aspects ensure that you can deliver real business value?

Aligning your enterprise with a defined business strategy is what enterprise business architecture is all about. It's critical to organizational survival. Sharing business knowledge with all stakeholders is indispensable and necessary in order to align the goals and strategy of the business across all aspects of the organization. True business value is generated through effective alignment.

Enterprise business architecture boils down to four key aspects of organizational alignment:

  1. Customer value analysis:  Who are the customers of your organization and are they seeing the value they require? 
  2. Core competencies:  Does your organization have the right people with the right skills to achieve its goals and deliver value to its customers? Can the organization train people to have the necessary skills, or does it need to consider hiring people with the right skills from outside of the organization? 
  3. Process management: Does your organization actively manage its key processes? Are processes cataloged and analyzed for inefficiencies and re-engineered for greater efficiency? 
  4. Operational excellence: If your organization is going to spend time doing certainly activities then they should be done well. Striving for operational excellence is key to delivering business value. No organization will be perfect, but by aiming high you will achieve more. Always be improving.

This interview question and answer is based on an excerpt from the webinar Elements of Business Modeling.

posted @ Sunday, January 12, 2020 8:14 PM by Chris Adams