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5 Ways to manage project teams effectively 
Modified By Chris Adams  on 9/17/2021 11:25:06 AM)

As an individual with PMP Certification, project managers are constantly bound to manage and sustain their project team. A balance has to be maintained within the team to achieve the success rate of completing the projects

  • Using clear channels of communication: As a certified project manager, it is necessary to have proper communication with stakeholders as well as team members. Some communication channels that are typically used are emails, instant messages, or one-to-one meetings. While one channel fails, a project manager can always use other channels to communicate with the team
  • Acknowledge the efforts of team members: As a professional, it is important for project managers to consistently acknowledge every individual’s effort in the team. Likewise, it is also essential to give credit to the whole team. Halfway through the project, the team might be stressed about the goals to be accomplished. During such times, it is necessary for the leader to appreciate the team and take them out for team outings.
  • Provide clarity and being straightforward:This strategy helps team members to be aware of their tasks and deadlines. Professionals are expected to create a culture where team members can clarify their doubts regarding the project easily. When a team member is motivated to perform his role with clarity, a project can be delivered on time without any constraints.
  • Take time to meet the team:To keep track of the project’s progress, mere virtual statuses on software are not enough. As a professional, project managers need to constantly hold meetings with the team at regular intervals. This helps other team members to get an idea of the constraints found during the course of the project. Asking the team for valuable inputs for such problems makes them feel involved, thereby motivating them to perform better.
  • Establish goals that are achievable:While starting a project it is necessary for professionals to establish certain goals for completing the project. These goals have to be realistic and achievable for the team. Unrealistic deadlines are the main reason for the stressful atmosphere among the team members causing setbacks and poor results. It is good to have clearly defined roles set at the beginning of the project itself in order to avoid conflicts. A certified project manager from a well reputed professional training provider knows to set an achievable and realistic deadline.
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Re: 5 Ways to manage project teams effectively 
Modified By Chris Adams  on 9/17/2021 2:38:56 PM)

Proper and clear communication with all members in the team is essential for managing project effectively. Make every team member motivated about his work and capability of doing job, definitely you will get good result in quick time.

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  Modern Analyst Forums  Business and Sy...  General  5 Ways to manage project teams effectively

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